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Game & Duck Grain Free Dog Cup by Edgard Cooper

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This meaty, grain-free recipe is made using game and duck - both great novel protein sources that suit dogs with sensitive tummies. Game is packed with Omega 3, which is important for a soft and shiny coat. In addition the meat is combined with offal (like heart and liver) for an extra helping of nutrition. Recipes are blended with a super-healthy mix of fruit and veg, plus an extra boost of nutritious herbs and botanicals. All gently steamed to lock in all the flavour and goodness. Ingredients: game 30%, duck 26%, minerals, carrots 2%, sweet potatoes 1%, beetroot 1%, cranberries 1%, apples 1%, parsley 0.1%, dill 0.1%.

  • Nutritious food from Edgard Cooper packed with protein
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • Recipes are blended with game and a healthy mix of fruit and veg plus herbs and botanicals