Step In Harness XXL from Doodlebone

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If your pet isn't happy with a regular harness that slips over the head, then you will find this harness from Doodlebone a great option. Snappy is an easy fit dog harness, specially designed to wrap around your dog really easily and snap into place. Like all of the Doodleboone dog harnesses this one gives your dog a much more comfortable experience, with none of the pulling you sometimes get with a standard collar and lead which can lead to injury. Enjoy a quick fit dog harness that's super soft, strong and safe, designed for happy walks that don't involve a fight getting the harness on in the first place.  Breast Girth:  (Min to Max) XXLarge    51 - 62cm 

  • Great harness for dogs that don't like harnesses that slip over the head
  • This is an easy fit harness, that wraps around your dog and snaps into place
  • Gives your dog a much more comfortable experience
  • It's super soft, durable, strong and safe