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Using a by-product from the brewing process means that Brewski’s Beer Biscuits are made sustainably – they’re pup cycled!

As well as doing our bit with sustainable grainables we’ve pledged to give 2.5% of our profits to UK charity Street Paws. They make a real difference to homeless people and their dogs by providing free vet care, emergency kennel space and by advocating to allow dogs into hostels, meaning those living on the streets can access essential services. Take a look, it’s inspirational stuff.

Brewski’s Biscuits...

…are 100% natural, low fat tasty treats
…use spent brewer’s grain
…are nutritious and full of goodness
…have absolutely no additives or nasties
…contain no alcohol or hops (which are harmful to dogs).
Please note......Cans are prone to denting, due to light packaging