Brewski's Biscuits by Brewdog

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Brewski x Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Dog Biscuits are delicious, tasty treats that are made from brewers spent grain. Using this by product from the brewing process results in less waste, leaving us with some super tasty treats that are great for both your dog and the planet. These treats are 100% natural, low fat, nutritious and full of goodness. They are fully free from additives and of course alcohol.

Brewdog have pledged to give 2.5% of their profits of these biscuits to Street Paws; a UK charity that supports making a difference to homeless people and their dogs by providing free vet care, emergency kennel space and by championing to allow dogs into hostels, so their owners can access essential services.

Please note that due to the light packaging, cans are prone to denting. 

  • IPA Beer Dog biscuits made from brewers spelt grain
  • 100% natural, low fat, nutritious and super tasty
  • Free from additives
  • Contains no hops or alcohol (which are harmful to dogs)