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First Class lamb and Beef Bites from Edgard Cooper

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Super special treat for dogs that’s made from protein packed lamb and beef. Using a grain free recipe using lamb, apple and pear this is a delicious and nutritious dog treat. A dash of rapeseed oil extract makes the jerky extra juicy. All ingredients are gently cooked to blend all the flavours. An extra important point to note is that the packaging is easy to recycle with your paper recycling. Ingredients: beef 59.7%, lamb 25%, potato, glycerol (from rapeseed oil), minerals, pear 1 %, apple 1 %.1% of all Edgard Cooper sales goes to charities that help care for dogs and cats – another reason we love this brand!

  • Protein packed grain free treat for your dog.
  • Made using chicken, apple and blueberries
  • Added rapeseed oil makes for extra juicy jerky
  • Recyclable packaging – please pop it in your paper recycle bin