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Good Boy Beef Bites by Edgard Cooper

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Perky pocket-sized training treats, made using protein-rich beef and healthy fruit. These irresistible pocket-size goodies with training in mind, so they’re perfect as a reward to your dog for sitting, staying, shaking hands and anything else that makes you proud. 

These grain-free bites are full of simple, irresistible, healthy ingredients. Using the best cuts of beef for full-on taste and high-quality protein. It is then mixed with mango and strawberry so it's a tasty snack full of vitamins and minerals. Everything is carefully cooked and packed (in a 100% biodegradable bag). Composition: beef 84.8%, potato, glycerol (from rapeseed oil), minerals, mango 1 %, strawberry 1 %.

  • Perfect training treats from Edgard Cooper
  • Pocket size goodies, which are brilliant for rewarding your dog 
  • Using the best cuts of beef for protein and taste
  • Includes strawberry and mango for extra nutrients