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Grooming Set Lemongrass

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Grooming/Detangle Spray 

A natural must have spray to use alongside or in between bathing, containing vitamin E to keep the coat soft and shiny and help to keep the coat free of tangles, and easy to groom, with a huge amount of gorgeous scents to choose from, your spoilt for choice.

Contains: Aqua, Aqueous extracts of Chamomile, Coconut extracts, vitamin E, plus essential oils

Shampoo Bar

A focus on our Lemongrass, Spearmint, Peppermint & Citronella dog soap…
Smelly dog? This soap smells just amazing and is great at getting rid of any smells dogs pick up, even fox poo! Also great for your outdoor doggos, with naturally bug repellant citronella.
✅ great for itchy skin and hot spots
✅ naturally flea and tick repellent
✅ gets rid of fox poo & other smells