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Puppy Record Book (without Box Cover)

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It's the little things that are the most important in life so make sure you don't miss a moment of your new pup's early days with this Puppy Record Book fully designed by us, for you to capture those moments! 

Capture your pup's progress with training, their likes and dislikes, their weight plus, add in your pup's key milestone photographs so you can always have something to look back on! 

This is your keepsake book for your new family member to record all of the information you ever need. Watch the video attached for a more detailed look at the book!

Hardcover A4 book comes with the option of adding a customised keepsake box! If you don't want to add this option, simply select "Book Only" and add "N/A" into the custom name box!

We recommend that you use a Uni Ball Paint Marker to complete your book. Give each page around 10 seconds to dry before closing to avoid smudging!