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Dog Shampoo Bar - 🐾 Puppy Love with a hint of Lavender & Rosemary

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🐾 Puppy Love with a hint of Lavender & Rosemary

 mild, soft and gentle, pH balanced

 naturally calming, perfect to introduce bath time to your pups

 antibacterial, removes bacteria from surface of skin, antimicrobial

 naturally repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other bugs


Eco Friendly Dog Soap - the Pawfect alternative to commercial shampoo! 🐾🛁🐾

A very bubbly and deep cleaning soap, it lathers amazingly well and rinses out far more easily than shampoo leaving no residues. It’s also very economical, lasting for ages. Handmade in the UK by Laura (me) at Happy Dog Happy Planet: Our mission is simply to make dogs and their owners happy with the least impact on the environment.


 naturally moisturising 100% Organic Coconut Oil containing Vitamin E (coconuts harvested by humans not monkeys)

 naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory

 100% pure dog friendly essential oils

 suitable for all skin types, great for minor skin complaints

 helps make coats glossy, good for greasy coats

 no harsh detergents, no SLS, no SLES, no Parabens, no Phthalates, no Phosphates, no Petrochemicals, no Sulphates or PEGs

 tested on humans, kind to our skin too

 biodegradable, plastic free, zero waste, vegan & cruelty free


Suitable from about 10 weeks old