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Top Dog Duck and Chicken Bites from Edgard Cooper

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Small-but-perfect training treats, made using irresistibly tasty meats, fruit and veg. Bit sized treats with training in mind so they make an ideal ‘well done’ for good behaviour. In other words, your four-legged friend will be sitting, staying, spinning or hand-shaking in no time at all. Made using the finest cuts of chicken and duck, these grain-free bites are full of simple, irresistible, healthy ingredients. Packed with high-quality protein, meat is combined with naturally nutritious pumpkin and banana, which both pack a punch when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Everything is carefully cooked and packed in a 100% biodegradable bag. Composition: chicken 70%, duck 14.8%, potato, glycerol (from rapeseed oil), minerals, pumpkin 1 %, banana 1 %.
  • Perfect training treats for your pooch
  • Say well done with a tasty protein packed treat
  • Made using finest cuts of duck and chicken
  • Grain free bites that also include pumpkin and banana