Making Meal Times More Engaging

Making Meal Times More Engaging

There is so much to learn about dogs and we try to help and offer advice where we can, from our little pet shop in North Tyneside. 

Did you know that 15  minutes of scent work is the equivalent to 1 hours of physical exercise for your dog...but please ensure that your dog is also getting plenty of sleep too 

Here are some simple ideas to try.....why not ditch the bowl and make it more fun

Scatter feeding...whereby the food is simply scattered in the garden and your dog has to sniff it out 

We have a great selection of Lickimats available to help with enrichment for your dog, including Wobblers and Extra Large Licikmats. These can also be popped in the freezer too. 

Snufflemats and Ballls, are a great addition too and ours are all locally made, thus supporting another business in North Tyneside too. 

Have you checked out our pawsome range of Soda Pup toys, now in stock. We are the only stockist in Tynemouth and surrounding areas. 


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