Raw Hide Free Pet Shop

Raw Hide Free Pet Shop

Check out a page on Facebook called Planet Paws and watch their video 'How Rawhide is made'.

Rawhide, is a chew found widely in many shops, made using chemicals and not fully digestible.

My shop in North Tyneside is a  Rawhide Free Zone. Everything, I stock in my shop, I would personally give to my dog and there are some great healthy, alternatives to Rawhide, which also aid in keeping the teeth clean. 

All our chews are naturally air dried, with no nasties and we have a great range of proteins for dogs with sensitivities. These are all 100% digestible for dogs too. 

We also have low fat and non calorific chews as well on offer in our shop just for dogs. Chewroots( as seen in the picture) and  Olive woods are pawfect for puppies and power chewers and are sustainably sourced.

There is also a range of frozen chews and treats which again are fully digestible for your dog and we stock a small range in our Tynemouth shop. 


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