Rehoming a Dog

Rehoming a Dog

I rehomed both my Rottweilers from different rescue centres, in North Tyneside and both experiences were completely different. 

For those of you, that have brought home a rescue dog, from either this country or abroad, it can be a very challenging time for both dogs and humans. 

No dog, comes with a set of instructions and the biggest and best thing you can give your new pet, is time and patience. 

Have small expectations, with long term's not a sprint, it is a marathon!!

Before adopting, make sure you meet the potential new pet, several times, learn everything you can about their behaviour and if adopting from abroad, ensure that the Rescue Operation, are there for any back up support, as well as the UK rescue too. 

And ask yourself, are you equipped to take your new pet home? 

Have you taken time off, to introduce your new dog into your homelife? 

Did you know there are secure fields you can hire in North Tyneside?

For the first week, to couple of weeks, allow the dog to settle in, just at home, as this in itself is a big change and then gradually allow them to experience the great outdoors, but do it slowly and at their pace, not yours. Despite what you get to learn about your new pet, then there is potentially still some that we will find out on our new journey. 

A big learning curve for me, was finding a dog behaviourist, that used force free, positive training, do your research, as the industry is unregulated.

Rehoming a dog, has been the most rewarding journey, I have been on and also one of the hardest. I have learnt so much and even changed career because of it and am now running my own pet shop in North Tyneside, which I absolutely love. 



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