Snuffle Mats North East

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Snuffle Mats North East

Snuffle Mats North East - have you ever tried using a snuffle mat for your puppy or dog?  They are amazing

Snuffle Mats Enrichments

 As an enrichment toy Snuffle Mats are a great. Furthermore they are the perfect way to:

  • encourage your pet's foraging instincts
  • engage their mind and
  • can help to relieve boredom and stress.

Behaviour Modification Training

 If your dog has restricted exercise, you will find a snuffle mat will keep their mind engaged.  Similarly they are amazing for use in behaviour modification training.

These pawsome mats can also be used for those greedy guzzlers. In other words, they can be used to slow down the inhalation of their meals. These mats can also be of particular help for dogs with sensory impairment, ie blindness or deafness.

 Snuffle Mats Desensitise

 Excitable puppies can be given a Snuffle Mat. For instance this mat will help them to re-direct their attention. And guess what, it’s going to tire them out too.

 In addition it can ahelp them to desensitise to household noises and activities. For example hoovering and the washing machine.

 Dinner-Time Enrichment

10 Minutes snuffling is equivalent to a much longer walk! Your dogs kibble can be fed from the snuffle mat. You will find this is fantastic for dinner-time enrichment.

A clever dog may shake the Snuffle Mat. You may find they turn it over so the treats fall out.

If this is the case make foraging easy by placing ten highly scented treats on top of the mat, Following this sit with your dog and place your foot on the mat if necessary. This will prevent it being shaken.

Once he has mastered foraging, increase the difficulty by reducing the treat size and burying them deeper.

Sniffari Exploration

Dogs love exploring their environment.  In particular for food.

For them sniffing is an instinctive behaviour which is

  • Stimulating
  • Exciting and
  • Satisfying

Ditch the bowl………make mealtimes fun

Snuffle Mats will make excellent Christmas gifts for your pup or friend's pups. We have some other great gift ideas for you too.

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