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Pure & Natural Pumpkin Powder

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our delicious 100% pure pumpkin powder is a great aid for your loyal companion's bowel movements and a perfect remedy for healthy anal glands. 250g pouch. 

  • stop bum scooting
  • get rid of fishy odours
  • firm up sloppy stools
  • alleviate diarrhoea & constipation
  • all-natural ingredients
  • 30 servings per pouches

100% pure pumpkin

product benefits

say goodbye to those awkward bum scooting episodes and pesky fishy odours with this all-natural remedy. crafted only from natural, whole food ingredients, ensuring your pet receives the goodness they deserve.

how much do i need

Suitable for for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Small Dogs (<10KG) 1 Scoop

Medium Dogs (11-25KG) 2 Scoops

Large Dogs (>26KG) 3 Scoops

Sprinkle onto your dogs food or mix one scoop of water per one scoop of powder for puree.