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Pre & Probiotics For Dogs | Real Pumpkin Powder + Probiotic Blend | 45 Servings

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  • PACKED WITH GUT FRIENDLY PROBIOTICS: Each Scoop Contains Millions of Live Cultures
  • DIARRHOEA & ANAL SCOOTING SUPPORT: A high fibre blend that provides all-natural digestive support
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN SOFT CHEWS: Our probiotic powder is a more effective solution than soft chews. Gently manufactured to ensure efficacy
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This recipe contains no nasties | No GMO ingredients, preservatives by-products or fillers

Pumpkin Pulp Powder, Lactose, Acacia Gum, Bacillus Subtilis 4b1820 3 x 10(10) CFU/g